Not Sure How to Clean Your Large Space?

Not Sure How to Clean Your Large Space?

Let our team handle your stadium cleaning in Hoover, AL or anywhere in Alabama

If you need to sanitize a stadium or park, you'll want a professional team on the job. Germ Away Pros in Hoover, AL is here to provide park sanitizing service. We'll use a misting cannon to spray large spaces with our 99.999% effective disinfectant. This alcohol-based cleaner will eliminate both germs and bacteria to leave your property safe for use.

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Sanitizing large, difficult spaces

Trying to sanitize a football stadium may seem like a nearly impossible job. That's why you need our team for stadium cleaning services. With our cleaning cannon, we can:

  • Quickly sanitize open areas
  • Mist parks and large spaces
  • Sanitize stadium and arena seating
Our misting cannon allows us to spread a layer of sanitizer or disinfectant across open spaces to sanitize them thoroughly. For more information on our park sanitizing services, email us now.